pH Balancer Ocean Alkaline Ion Water


pH Balancer is sourced from pristine sea areas. With ion membrane exchange technology, the concentration of seawater is increased six to seven times. After going through the distillation process, the sea salt crystallizes out. The condensate is then collected as the source of pH Balancer. Subsequently, it undergoes a series of filtrations, reverse osmosis, electrolysis and sterilization; followed by bottling and packaging.

An average adult loses approximately two litres of water daily activities. Once the body loses five per cent of its total water volume, symptoms of fatigue and general discomfort will be observed. The human body comprises about 75% water and that implies that bodily functions rely heavily on sufficient amount of water. If the glands and organs are not supplied with sufficient water, they become dysfunctional. Dehydration will also accelerate the symptoms of ageing, exhaustion and even disorientation.

ph balance bottleHealth practitioners advise us to drink enough water for a healthy lifestyle. Tap water is maintained to be at neutral pH of 7.0 or slightly acidic, whereas ionized alkaline water has a higher pH value and contains more hydroxide (OH-) ions. Thus, drinking antioxidant-rich will further improve the quality of one’s health. The free-radical scavenging antioxidants will help to protect cells and encourage wellness.

Every drop of pH Balancer encapsulates the invigorating energy of the ocean. Smooth tasting and instantly refreshing, this water aids in neutralizing the body’s acidic waste, removing toxins and restoring a healthy balance inside your body. It is also perfect for athletes as the small-clustered water molecules are easily absorbed; helping to flush out metabolic waste and replenishing water and electrolytes lost during exercise.

Product features of ph Balancer Ocean Alkaline Ion Water

  • Rehydrate Smaller clusters of water molecules are more readily absorbed, allowing our bodies to rehydrate faster.
  • Restore Our bodies’ ideal pH level is restored when acidic waste products have been removed.
  • Rejuvenate The free-radical scavenging antioxidants will help to protect cells and assist in rejuvenation.

Available in 600ml and 1500ml

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