Lucozade: TPS Bundle Contest

10 winners to win 3 months worth of Lucozade the New Carbonated Original Flavour!

For bundle registration holders of The Performance Series 2017 Singapore, here is your chance to win 3 months worth of Lucozade the New Carbonated Original Flavour! Just fill up the form below and submit to us. If you have not registered yet, sign up now before the contest deadline, 25 April 2017, 23:59.

Get a bundle registration

 Thank you for your participation! Congratulations, here are the winners:

  1. Lew Ee Wen
  2. Teo Yee Boon Daniel
  3. Hor Yuan Xin Roger
  4. Chng Suan Tin
  5. Kee Yoke Peck
  6. Wong Ci Yi
  7. Yu YanKai
  8. Dennis Calinap
  9. Mohamad Rosli
  10. Lee suk yee

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